God Walks My Road


I took a walk with God last night
Along a cold, dark road.
I wished to tell Him of my plight
And of my heavy load.

I felt the weight upon my back
Of failures I had known;
I felt that life had been so black,
And I so all alone

There was no one to care for me
Who shared the hurt I bore;
No friend who saw what I did see –
My ship, wrecked on life’s shore.

I felt so strangely out of tune
With everything around.
My life was but a raspy croon –
A harsh, discordant sound.

I felt there was no niche on earth
That I could claim to fill.
My life was but of little worth
And useless for God’s will.

I had a talk with God last night –
He told me of His love.
He spoke about His Guiding Light
And of His Holy Dove

He said, “My child, I walk with you:
I’ve never left your side.
My hand is strong, My Word is true –
With me you can abide.”

He said, “I hear your anguished moan
And see your bitter tear.
Your sorrow is my very own;
My heart to yours is near.

I know the grief that you have known;
I’ve been a Lonely One;
For one day I did walk alone,
Without My Only Son.

My back on Him I turned that day,
So you could seek my Face;
Him from My hand I cast away
So you I could embrace.”

The stars above sang of the love
He gave on Calvary.
I felt such peace and sweet release
From all that troubled me.

Although my road may seem unsure,
I cannot help but sing:
For in His hands I rest secure,
And to His love I cling.